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Inside Our American Apparel Manufacturing Factory

Wholesale Clothing USA

Weaving Workshop

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Sewing Workshop

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Technology R&D

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Hot Stamping

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KIDSWEAR – Clothing Manufacturer

Our team of clothing manufacturers delivers high-quality garments for boys and girls, from babies to tweens, at wholesale prices.

Low MOQ on Wholesale Clothing has made it easier for businesses to source their clothing needs. Retailers can test new styles and respond to fashion trends with competitive prices and high-quality garments.

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Waste collection

Discarded plastic products, fishing nets, tattered clothes, worn out carpets, etc. are accumulated

sustainable wear

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Waste items are melted for recreation of Earth-friendly outerwear.

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Plastic Chips

Flakes are methodically converted into nylon 7 plastic chips.

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Chips are consciously processed into eco-friendly apparel fabrics.

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Recycled Fabric

Zero-carbon-reduction transformation into durable threads of clothing.

Wholesale Clothing Vendors USA


Eco Active

Ethical fashionwear and fitness clothing are produced from biodegradable sources

How Are We Different From The Others?

  We Traditional Clothing Manufacturer
100% Custom Products
Low Minimum Order
Vast Range of Apparel Fabrics, Styles and Cuts Available
Highest Quality Value
Optimum Ordering Convenience
Custom Packing, Label And Tagging Procedure
Placement Of Bulk Order Is Cost-effective


If you’re looking for the best clothing manufacturers to supply your business with high-quality and fashionable garments, look no further than “USA Clothing Manufacturers.” We are one of the top workout clothing manufacturers in the US, offering a wide range of options to suit different budgets and styles. Our wholesale clothing is made with premium quality materials designed to last, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Plus, we offer low minimum order quantities, so even small businesses can benefit from our wholesale clothing offerings.

Our Process

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Lending non-toxic color to handpicked organic materials.

Wholesale Clothing Vendors USA Clothing Suppliers Wholesale


Sustainable fashion apparel and workout wear for men, women and kids are ethically crafted.

Made in USA Wholesale Clothing Clothing Suppliers Wholesale


Promising incomparable weaving finesse, soft feel and textile durability.

Wholesale Bulk Clothing Suppliers Clothing Suppliers Wholesale


Plain edges and an impeccable finish of planet-friendly clothes.

Wholesale Clothing USA Suppliers Clothing Suppliers Wholesale


Stylish recycled wear is made ready for packaging.

Apparel Manufacturers in USA Clothing Suppliers Wholesale


Attaining top-class quality assurance of repurposed outerwear.

Bulk Apparel Supplier Clothing Suppliers Wholesale


Removal of creases to create a super-smooth texture of durable fashionwear and activewear.


Dressing to Impress – Quality Men’s Clothing from Top Clothing Manufacturers

As a clothing manufacturer, we understand the importance of working with reliable vendors and manufacturers. We take great pride in partnering with only the best suppliers that provide quality products at competitive prices. Our experienced team has years of experience working with clothing manufacturers in the USA, ensuring our customers get the highest quality materials for their apparel needs.

Why Choose Us?

Exclusive And Expansive Catalog

We provide a wide assortment of sustainable womenswear, men’s apparel, flannel clothes, kidswear and Wholesale workout clothing meeting all your fashion fitness clothing needs.

Lowest MOQ

We deliver our fashionwear and activewear to bulk buyers, keeping the MOQ low for your utmost purchase convenience. So no need to think twice when bulk ordering from us!

wholesale clothing manufacturers usa

Easy Customization Options

Quickly pour in your innovative design inputs to get them accurately reflected on your bulk clothing items by our creative designers.

Huge Discounts On Bulk Orders

We offer amazing discounts on stylish and eco-friendly clothing to make your bulk shopping experience highly satisfactory. So revamp your store’s stock now!

Leading Private Label Apparel Manufacturer in USA

Bringing your uniquely imagined designs into reality.

Reflect your individual taste and preference in tune with your brand’s personality through your private label clothing line. We are the backbone you can bank on for the implementation of your custom requests on your bulk clothing orders.


  • Our help desk is always there to assist you
  • High-quality and wholesale sustainable fashion and fitness clothes at amazingly affordable rates
  • 100% Customization available. Private label brands launch your brand now with logo on your clothing.
  • Lowest minimum order quantity you can ask for!
Wholesale Clothing

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wholesale clothes supplier

9 countries

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USA Clothing Manufacturer

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Our Clients


High Quality American(USA) Made Clothing from USA Clothing Manufacturers

Users worldwide always wish to grab the latest and premium-quality clothing pieces. So, being an ambitious business owner, whether it’s simple and sophisticated tees, eye-catching button-downs, iconic jackets, sultry dresses, attention-grabbing jeans, or anything else you are looking for to impress your customers and boost your store’s sales, we, one of the most well-known wholesale clothing manufacturers, USA Clothing Manufacturers, have it all. When you place your bulk order from us for such reliable wardrobe staples, we make sure you get hot deals and attractive discounts on quality clothing pieces.

We Are An Established Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing Hub In The USA

Regarded as one of the most prominent wholesale clothing manufacturers in the USA, we come with a talented, highly-experienced, and hardworking team of creative professionals who, working for us, leave no stone unturned to design a large assortment of unique, durable, and comfortable wholesale clothing items. We take great care in weaving each piece using high-quality materials, fabrics, and the latest technology. Fresh international trends are mixed with unique design ideas, forming a breathtaking array. If you are thinking of stocking such mind-blowing products at a crazy price, contact us, one of the top clothing suppliers in the USA.

Show your American pride with high-quality American-made clothing from USA Clothing Manufacturers. Our selection of wholesale clothing USA includes a wide variety of items with sizes and styles that fits everyone’s needs. From t-shirts to hoodies to jeans, we have something for everyone. Our USA-made clothing is crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to provide comfort and durability.

Our American-made clothing is crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to provide comfort and durability. We are proud to offer American-made clothing at an affordable price so that you can show your pride with our selection of wholesale clothing USA.

At USA Clothing Manufacturer, we are committed to ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturing practices. We use environmentally friendly materials and processes to create high-quality apparel that is made to last. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing ensures that we are protecting the environment and providing responsibly-sourced clothing that you can feel good about.

Our Catalog is Different From Anything You Have Seen To Date

Looking at our online downloadable catalog, you will find that all the clothing items are neatly arranged into 3 categories: menswear manufacturing, women’s clothing, and kidswear wholesale. This is to ensure you can easily find what you are looking for. Being one of the most popular custom apparel manufacturers in the USA, we see to it that our clothing items display unusual colors, lovely prints, beautiful patterns, and extraordinarily detailed work in them that works best to catch the fancy of the user, attracting them to buy and include in their wardrobe. Besides fashion wear, our enthralling collection also has workout clothing and flannel clothing that are highly in demand. Drop a mail to make a bulk purchase and surprise your precious customers with the best.

We specialize in providing quality made clothing sourced and manufactured in the USA. Our Los Angeles clothing manufacturing facility is dedicated to providing the perfect fit for your clothing line. With our experienced team of fabricators and designers, we are committed to creating the highest quality garments for your brand. With our made in Los Angeles facility, you’ll get the latest fashion trends and high-quality garments that you can trust.


At USA Clothing Manufacturer, we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we offer fast delivery options on our California manufactured clothing. We know that you need your garments delivered quickly, so we strive to provide the best service and delivery times available. With our fast delivery options, you can rest assured that your garments will be delivered on time and up to the highest standards.

Customize Your Order With The Help Of Our Unique Options

We never ask you to select from what you see, but we give you the freedom to create what you want. Offer loads of bright, easy, and innovative customization options, and after clearly understanding your vision and goals, we turn your imagination into a beautiful reality. Our top priority is fulfilling your specific requests. If you need a custom wholesale clothing order delivered to a specific location on time, contact our support team and share your unique designs. We strive to make your purchase experience seamless, and our minimum order quantity is designed to be manageable. Free pre-production clothing samples are available on bulk orders.