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We Manufacture Wholesale Private Label Clothing

Get the best of private label clothing manufactured from us when you order, we are one of the top private label clothing manufacturers in the business. You can customize your designs, brand name, logo, and so much more with USA Clothing Manufacturer.

Just brief us about your bulk private label clothing needs, and we will be more than happy to cater to your specific needs. Get in touch with our help desk for any query or to know the MOQ.

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How To Become A Brand Owner?

Becoming a clothing retailer is often not enough in today’s highly competitive market – everybody needs an edge. And one way to get it is to start your own brand and make a mark with it – something that will allow you your share of creativity.

But for that to happen, you also need a private label clothing manufacturer who will be able to pull it off. If you are looking out for that kind of a hub, then you are just at the right place.

USA Clothing Manufacturers is one of the best in the business when it comes to manufacturing private label apparel designs. It has years of experience and a large network of manufacturing units and distributors spread throughout the country.

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Here’s What Our Private Label Wholesale Clothing Offers

When you choose us as your wholesale private label clothing manufacturers USA, you get a lot more than any of our contemporaries can offer. Here’s a look at what you get as our private label client:

  • High quality fabric and great manufacturing technology to bring forth the best products
  • Clothing for all seasons and needs – from athleisure to corporate and summer shirts to winter jackets
  • Completely customizable designs to bring out the voice of your brand
  • New and improved fabric engineering for the better overall comfort of the wearer

With so much to avail from USA Clothing Manufacturers, one of the top private label wholesale clothing manufacturers, there is absolutely no reason why you should go anywhere else.

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The Benefits of Selling Private Label Clothing

Faster To Market

It can take you anywhere between 2 months and a year to manufacture the designs on paper. Why make any effort when you can simply choose from our catalog, make it yours, and get it delivered to you in lesser time? It’s a smart move that many business owners are making these days.

More Economical

We source quality fabrics and raw materials for you so that you can directly go to the production of items, skipping the expensive sample development.

Reduced Time & Energy

Thinking of designs that are in harmony with the latest international trends and yet exceptional is a matter of time and energy. By choosing us, one of the most noted private label clothing suppliers, you just need to select your preferred in-fashion clothing items that are brought by an ace team of designers.

Ethical Production

Each and every product delivered is ethically generated at our LA factory and we offer healthy working conditions and fair wages to our laborers.

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    Best Private Label Apparel Manufacturers

    Custom Woven Tags

    Better known as woven labels, they are ideal to add a touch of class and sophistication to your brand and do a great job of proving the quality of your products. This kind of label never fades after several washes, so when you choose them for your clothing pieces, they retain their look and feel for years. Depending on the size you go for, you can customize them with the brand name and logo.

    Heat Transfer Printed Label

    These labels are pretty versatile and can be generated in different colors and shapes. They come with supreme color quality and if you want then you can also design them with a 3D effect. Other than these benefits, they are long-lasting, recyclable, and can be placed with perfect accuracy. If you want heat and water-resistant designs, then heat transfer printed labels are meant for you.

    Custom Screen Printed Label

    One of the most popular printed labels used in the market these days is screen printed labels. During their creation, some basic design principles are used. They are easy to make, add a professional touch to the garment, can be customized as per your wish, and helps in the promotion of products.

    Choose USA Clothing Manufacturers As Your Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

    USA Clothing Manufacturers starts creating your products only after listening to your business needs and requirements and understanding your vision. While many just care about their profit, we, one of the most dependable private label apparel manufacturers USA, believe in doing our best for you with the sole aim to form a long-lasting business relationship. We have expertise in manufacturing a wide range of products, apt for different people and age-group, with prior experience of working with reputed brands. We come with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

    When generating your own products, that too if you are a new business owner, minimum order quantity is a crucial thing to consider. The number has the power to affect the cost of the final products. Think about the quantity you will need for each clothing type. With an achievable MOQ, you can test the market and see whether your products have the potential to do well or not.

    For any help, you can always get in touch with the dedicated support team.

    • You can select what you want from the diverse range of fine materials and fabrics brought by us.
    • Opt from various shades, prints, and patterns
    • Choose from different types of finishing touches like zippers, buttons, lock styles, etc.
    • Extra pockets, hoods, drawstrings— pick from a wide number of add-on clothing features.
    • You can deck up your clothing pieces with sequins, beads, threadwork, etc.

    Questions about Starting a Private Label Collection

    Find the style that you want to present to your target audience. Connect with the right private label clothing manufacturer. Get the samples or go to the production directly by contacting a reputable and experienced maker. Set up your store and add the products to it. Last but not least, don’t forget to promote the items with the help of simple yet effective and affordable marketing strategies.

    Ask anyone or research on the net and you will know that private label clothing products are generated to maximize profit. If you are looking to get into the market fast then investing in private labels is worth it. Other than control over branding and marketing, low operating costs also contribute to higher profit margins.

    The apparel that is made by one company but sold under another brand is referred to as white label clothing. The quality of white label clothing is good but usually not as great as private label clothing. It’s less expensive than private label apparel and white label garments often display simple designs while through private label, intricate designs can be easily achieved.

    If you want to know about the least then it’s anywhere between $1000 – $1500. Now, depending on setting up the logistics of your private label business including your website, payment processing, as well as order fulfillment, and ordering samples, the amount will vary.

    As you know, branded apparel or private label clothing is apparel that is generated by a different manufacturer but sold by another brand, so a very common example can be a t-shirt that is produced by company X but sold by company Y. Of course, not only tees but private label clothing examples can be any clothing item today.

    Simply put, boutique owners can either create their own products (which is no doubt tiresome) or they can get in touch with clothing manufacturers and suppliers to get their inventory. Affordable and quality clothing makers are often the go-to options for most boutique owners.

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