Summer Style Essentials For 2020 : Straight From Your Wardrobe

  • cm_admin - April 10, 2020

Every man has been there. He enjoys slipping into something chic, hence happily starts putting on selvage denim and cotton oxfords. He finds out about the debauchery of layering with outerwear and sweaters. Then something terrible and unforeseen happens. Summer kicks in. Dressing up well in the summer can feel so menacing it seems unfeasible. As the increasing mercury takes away our multitude of fabrics, textures and layers and our encroachment in personal style come to a pounding halt.

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Here’s a style guide for those in dilemma to build multiple outfits with the basic wardrobe staples of every man on earth.

Short-Sleeve Henley

At times you just wish to wear a t-shirt. There’s nothing sinful about that, but rather than picking some typical screen embossed tee, go for something with a bit more facet. A short sleeve Henley offers the heat control and comfort of a t-shirt, but the button slit makes it so much more. Just like the short sleeve button up and polo, the fit is vital. You are seeking one that looks sleek without being skin-tight.

Wild Card Shorts

To keep things breezy with your summer closet, you can get something that is called “the wild card shorts” these days. The fit of these shorts is the same as the other flat front shorts but with this, you get to experiment with pattern, material or texture. You can put together totally different looks with the same shoes and shirt.

Fitted Short-Sleeve Shirt

As with the whole thing regarding your style, the main point of making this look spiky as hell is by grooming in on the fit. Of major concern is the bagginess of the shoulders and the loose cut of the body. Similar to a polo shirt, you want a sleeve that embraces the upper arm but is not close-fitting, landing approximately half to three-fourths of the way down. The body must slide down the side of your trunk, providing plenty of room for comfort and movement but without any glut for bulging.

Linen Shirt

Most of the summer fashion has only two targets: DON’T BE uncomfortable, BE comfortable. When the humidity and heat come in like a surge, you have to begin thinking tactically about not only what you will pick to wear but the material it is made out of. Linen is one of the best warm-weather materials as it breathes well and is thin. On days with humidity, chuck the thick cotton and slip in a linen shirt, pants. You can try both if you are near to the water or sand.

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