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Our Top Swimwear Pick For Summer 2020!

  • cm_admin - September 16, 2020

We realize how important it is for any woman to feel positive, and a fantastic bathing suit is a long way to make you look and feel stunning. Most swimwear wholesale suppliers are proud to have one of the largest collections of swimwear in the industry. But with so many different styles available, it can get a bit confusing. To make your life simpler, we’ve put together this helpful swimsuit style guide to help you narrow down your options and find the types that would better wear you!

Bandeau Swimwear

Bandeau swimwear has been a popular pick for everyone who wants to soak up some sun. Lack of straps helps reduce unnecessary tan-lines while still providing ample coverage to continue appearing effortlessly trendy. Like for bandeau bikinis, there are tons of choices to help flatten all body types, so it is a popular myth that a bandeau swimsuit is only appropriate for a smaller bust. The bandeau swimsuit line offers lots of extra assistance and smart underwiring technologies to help render them a better choice for bigger bust sizes as well.

Cup-sized Swimwear

As the name implies, cups sized swimwear is the best option for anyone with a bigger bust. Such swimsuits are specially built to provide comfort and durability and are offered in a range of color variations and colorful designs. You will be assured high-quality tailoring and help suit from any of the leading designer swimsuit brands.


Tankinis is the perfect flattery swimsuit. Any of the tankinis in the market come with interchangeable booster pads and underwire to offer additional support and rise. In addition to the more traditional designs of the back, there is also a range of halter-necked choices that come with belts to help you change up your poolside feel. Whatever you pick from the tankini set, you’ll be able to bring a bit of glamor to your next beach retreat.

DD+ Swimwear

Not unlike cup size swimwear dd+ swimsuits, they are often built to provide a comfortable fit for a larger bust woman. They are specially built to make you look and feel more relaxed and cheerful in your holidays.

So, all the business owners dealing in wholesale clothing soak in the opportunity and offer your customers their best summer experience through a range of swimwear. Place your bulk order now and enjoy several discounts and offers.

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