A Fashion Catalog For All Your Favorite Men T-Shirts

  • cm_admin - August 27, 2020
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The laid-back and casual look of tees from t shirt manufacturers have long been tried out to give us outfits like sporty and semi-casual and everything in between. The hip thing about tees is that it can be altered in several ways to make umpteen styles and still it will keep hold of its spirit as the longest-standing clothing of choice for guys.

Different Styles Of Tees

Plain Tees

Plain tees are the staple of a guy’s closet. They are known as the classic for a reason after all. There is nothing more delightful than a guy rocking a white t-shirt that fits perfectly.

Printed Tees

From customized prints to trending slogans, put your heart on your sleeves, sorry, shirt, by throwing in some spunk to your flat outfit. Team it up with a pair of smart sneakers and blue jeans to balance out the complete look.

Hooded Tees

With hoodies, you get an additional level of superiority that can barely be found in any other style. Its athleisure pull is ideal for gym trips or whilst playing football with your buds.

Pocket Tees

Pocket tees are simply that, they bear a pocket on the left breast of the tee. The pocket is a fascinating addition and when in a harmonizing shade can add a splash of joie de vivre to any flat tee.

The Fit

A bad-fitting tee can be the fundamental deal breaker in terms of fashion. Alternatively, a proper-fitted tee will do wonders for your look. A nice fit signifies that the tee must fit cozily around your torso with plenty of room for air to flow and be able to compliment your body shape.

Muscle Fit

Guys with muscular body types and broad shoulders can make the most out of these close-fitting muscle fit t-shirts. Gym buffs can show off their finest assets whilst rocking the muscle t-shirt. Team it up with white chinos, and you are good to go.

Loose Fit

These have made a comeback from the late ‘90s and got a place in an advanced fashionable guy’s closet with the slim fits. But be aware that a loose fit does not essentially mean jumbo but rather something loose and wider in the area of the sleeve.

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