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We Are One of The Best Varsity Jacket Manufacturers

As one of the esteemed wholesale varsity jacket suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure prompt delivery of the products allowing our team to be well-equipped in every sense. With our logistic partners, we work in a streamlined approach and offer fast shipping options. With a low MOQ, you can very well try different products in your store, and based on the buying preferences of your customers, you can order bulk varsity jackets accordingly. With vast customization options, you are left with no choice but to come back to USA Clothing Manufacturers for more!

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We Have an Extensive Catalog Collection of Varsity Jackets

Our comprehensive catalog has a diverse range of varsity jackets that are unique, durable, stylish, and extremely comfortable. The catalog includes various prints, and styles, that can be intrinsic to your needs and brand. The modern trends in this section curate a fashionable blend of contemporary and traditional elements. From fabrics like wool, cotton, nylon, satin, and denim blends to various colors of lake black, gold, metallic, or uncommon pastel hues like lavender, mint green, baby blue, and more, the varsity jackets provide a huge variety.


For the suave brigade, the focus now is on sophisticated, streamlined designs with classic colors like black ruling the scene with sleeker lines and subtle detailing. Sophisticated fashion twists can be observed on men’s varsity jackets. For the divas, bold logos, numbers, and graphics are popular now. Colors like flaming red, bright blue, and greens are hogging the limelight. We have duly incorporated the modern streetwear elements to the varsity jackets making the pieces a hit in the semi-formal settings.  When it comes to designs and prints incorporating intricate patches or cute floral embroidery thread work or even digital prints have come in limelight. These beautiful stylish tailor-made varsity jackets cater to individual preferences flaunting style and fashion like no other and you will be spoilt for choice once you browse our catalog.

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For Custom-Made Varsity Jackets, Bulk Order Now

Now you can customize your varsity jackets bulk order according to the preferences of your customers. Doing your homework is essential to know about what will click with your customers and not to worry our design is there to help you out. From Hollywood’s Hailey Bieber to Gigi Hadid many more have been seen flaunting their varsity jacket style whether the oversized cool jacket look or the tank top paired jacket with shorts look. If you want to create such celeb-inspired looks then you can customize such jackets from us.


In case you have a specific design of a personalized letterman jacket in mind, or have a specific style in mind you can upload an image and mention your specific needs related to pockets, belts, or mesh detailing and other details and we can put all together for an extremely unique and fashionable varsity jacket for your collection.

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We Are One of The Most Well-Known Sustainable Varsity Jacket Manufacturers

As a sustainable manufacturer of varsity jackets, we have established an eco-conscious market group and have prioritized focusing on eco-friendly practices for all our manufacturing processes. The manufacturing process focuses on using recycled and organic fabrics minimizing the harmful impact on the environment and reducing waste. Opting for sustainable clothing wear also showcases your brand value mirroring the brand’s commitment to a sustainable business module for a greener tomorrow.

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We Are One of The Best Private Label Manufacturers of Varsity Jackets

Catering to various customer bases, we help you build a brand identity that boosts your brand value and revenue in this competitive market. With our high-quality varsity jackets, you can create a separate customer base for your private-label business. Our private-label manufacturing elements help us incorporate the brand theme into your product line and make your varsity jacket unique. So, with our varsity jackets, impress your customers. To make your own varsity jacket, contact USA Clothing Manufacturers and begin the journey today!

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    If you are a business owner or have a boutique of your own dealing in outwear and are in need of bulk varsity jackets, then USA Clothing Manufacturers can be your ideal destination. With its headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA, USA Clothing Manufacturers is a well-known manufacturer and supplier with a huge catalog which includes the best quality wholesale letterman jackets to blank varsity jackets wholesale and more that will suit the specific needs of business owners.