Basic Outfits Inspired By The Signature Style Of Popular Designers

  • cm_admin - January 10, 2020

Many people who are responsible for creating fanciful clothing often dress in such clothing pieces that is in striking contrast to their ideas. Innovative designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Carolina Herrera and even Anna Wintour wear a simplified and uncomplicated versions of their style.

Hence, if you wish to offer such clothing pieces to your beloved customers it would be advisable to contact a popular women’s & men’s wholesale clothing manufacturers for the same.

  1. An outfit comprising of a white shirt and black knee length leggings is perfect for the perfect day at the office. All you need to do is opt for a satin oxford white shirt with unique buttons. It can be anything from embroidered, metal, gold or even woolen woven buttons. For the bottomwear stick to velvet black skirt to complete the look.
  2. When it comes to black skinny jeans, there are so many unique ways you can style it. If you want to keep it casual and simple and stick to a solid colored shirt that can be worn with a jeweled brooch. You can also opt for a colorful printed tie to complete the look. The idea is to stick to such clothing pieces that are perfect for creating a sartorial attire.
  3. A white shirt can instantly elevate your outfit. You have to simply opt for a pair of vintage high waisted denim jeans and a black blazer to complete the look. This outfit is actually super versatile and works well if you wear it with a pair of dark brown ankle length boots. For the accessories, make sure to stick to a simple gold chain to complete the look.
  4. Baggy T-shirt is a popular favorite amongst the designers as well. You can simply wear it as part of your everyday casual outfit. If you want to incorporate some style into it, then the best thing you can opt for is jeans with graphic embroidered or patchwork style. It is perfect for an effortless style.

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