Airport Outfit Ideas For Your Unique Style

  • USA Clothing - November 23, 2019

When it comes to travelling, a lot of people gravitate towards a certain type of outfit. Whether you like a maximalist style or stick to super clean and minimalistic clothing pieces, everybody has a signature style that they stick to.

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Business Traveler

Do you prefer a look that is smart and professional ? Then, chances are that you’d never leave home without a tailored blazer, trousers and a smart laptop backpack. Your ensemble should be tasteful, efficient and utilitarian and most importantly will allow you to get back to work immediately after reaching your destination.

Comfort Queen

If you’re an athleisure addict then make sure to opt for a tracksuit outfit that comprises of a pair of track pants and a cropped hoodie. If you want to mix some athleisure elements into the clothing then the best thing you can opt for is a pair of high waisted jeans that can be worn with the cropped hoodie. For the layer wear make sure to stick to a textured lace tank top to complete the look.

On-trend Traveler

If you’re instagram ready most of the time, then you’re definitely the on-trend traveler. You love to adorn the best clothing pieces that are in vogue at the season. It can be anything from animal prints to even faux fur. The idea is to dress up in such a way that you can emerge as the stylista even on the flight.

The Minimalist

Minimalist clothing pieces are super comfortable for sure. These are exactly what you need for the long flights when you want to look stylish but definitely in timeless clothing pieces. Thus, it definitely includes clothing pieces like a white shirt, jeans and a pair of classic brown boots.

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