Women’s Guide To The Perfect Fall Clothing Style

  • cm_admin - May 14, 2020

Street style was once a place for wild statements and multiple outfit changes, but in the face of climate change, social uprisings, and the threat of the coronavirus, people are moving away from such conspicuous excess in favor of simpler, more practical clothes. Hence, owing to the same popular supplier of wholesale clothing usa have designed a collection that lays a strong foundation of practicality with a layer of style.

The White Dress

The sheer, floaty, feminine white dress became the uniform for many women, inclement weather be damned. For most of them, these dresses are hardly a trend, a breezy summer dress has become a wardrobe staple just like jeans and T-shirts.

Forever Eclectic

Often our favorite street-style enthusiasts are the ones who don’t quite fit into any “trend” or category. They are popular for their own distinct, highly personal tastes, and they likely don’t much notice what others are wearing, let alone care. They’re a reminder that no matter which way the pendulum swings, we can always rely on a contingent of eclectic rule breakers with style that’s just as inspiring.

The Long And Short Of It

Hemlines continue to rise and rise both on and off the runways. This season we saw some of the tiniest skirts yet, often styled without tights despite the winter chill. After years of midi-skirts and flowing, romantic gowns, it was only natural that the opposite would suddenly look fresh. As spring and summer is near, it’s fair to expect that more and more women will embrace this leggy, liberated look.

Color Stories

In the absence of thematic trends like ’60s mod and ’90s grunge, a common approach to getting dressed this season was to simply choose one color and layer it from head to toe. In many cases, it was more tonal than monochromatic.

Animal Spots, Stripes And Scales

Remember when leopard coats became a trend back in, 2014? They’re still going strong on the streets, but lately we’ve been seeing other animal kingdom motifs too, like zebra stripes and snake prints. What’s really new about the trend is that men are beginning to embrace it too.

50 Shades Beige And Brown

A year and a half ago, the spring runways were so awash in beige that the color occupied an entire category in our seasonal trend report. Beige was still everywhere this season, leaning bourgeois or minimalist depending on how it was styled. But the best looks had a richer, earthier feeling to them with darker hits of chocolate, caramel, and cognac.

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