What Are The Different Bikini Bottom Styles You Should Check Out?

  • USA Clothing - August 5, 2020
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In this article, we’re providing info on a broad variety of bikini bottom designs to fit any size and shape. No matter if it’s skimpy versions that show off your slim figure or broader bikini pants that give more coverage, we’ve got it all.

The traditional bikini bottom is a timeless design that offers a sleek look while providing a relaxed fit with outstanding bottom coverage. Lavish retro solids or designs and bright paint fill the chic bikini bottom line with plenty to pick from. If you want a little less padding, consider one of those hipster bikini pants that sit low on the hips.

The fold-over bikini bottom is ideal for ladies who like to have extra flexible waist coverage and comfortable hip shape. Ideal for matching with halter or bandeau or bikini tops, the fold-up bikini pant can complete your holiday look in style. Here at most popular wholesale bikini manufacturers have a broad variety of shades, designs, and folded bikini bottoms in store.

Tie side bikini bottoms are ideal to highlight the curves and have customizable coverage for the best, relaxed look. The tie side comes in a range of styles, such as slim lace ties that pair well with tri bikini tops, to large bow tie connections with trendy hardware details. The thicker banded tie-side can help to build and highlight the curves without losing the look. Every figure has a tie-side; you will have to just help yourself find the correct one.

Will you need more padding from your bikini pants? Then the high waist bikini bottoms are the ideal choice to compliment the hips and tummy region. With a large sideband and traditional rear cover, the high waist bikini bottom is sure to protect and embrace you in all the right ways while offering a beautiful toned and shaping effect.

Every woman is stunning, so she should not hesitate to show off her wonderful body. The Brazilian bikini bottom line offered by top manufacturers provides a broad variety of colors and designs. The Brazilian design cuts across the cheek of your tush, offering less coverage than sitting under it. Good for those who love the beach and want to flaunt their feminine curves.

Business owners hurry up and get in touch with popular clothing manufacturers to incorporate the newest bikini lines into your store. With summer here this is the opportunity to grab. Make smart choices and place your bulk order according to your business needs!