The new talk-of-town trend for 2024 is the tomboy femme look

  • USA Clothing - June 18, 2024
trending tomboy femme look

2024 has been replete with trending style statements and fashion-forward souls are spoiled for choice. Captivating celebrities all across Hollywood from Emma Chamberlain to Sabrina Carpenter all have been sporting this new cool girl look. So, if you’re thinking of male influence in fashion yet with a blend of cute girly looks, then tomboy femme is the trend to flaunt.

Let’s delve deep into what this tomboy femme trend is all about:

This unique culmination of the two words including tomboy and femme explains the crux of this fashion statement. Blending in elements of both feminine and masculine styles, this trend takes the wardrobe of a girl which is filled with ruffles, frills, and feminine details, and mixes it with boyish apparel like cargo, shirts, baseball jerseys, and so on. Well, accordingly to define this trend would be to imagine a pink lace detailed top with a rugged jacket and football jerseys. Well, that’s tomboy femme for you!

According to famous stylists in the Hollywood realm, the tomboy femme trend is all about a quirky mix of cute and delicate feminine stuff with masculine accessories and features knitted together in a unique yet perfect blend. The vibe of this trend is a balanced yet delicate one, a cute yet laid-back one.

Now wondering how to nail this style like a pro?

This fashion trend is all about creating a mismatched style choice that has a quirky edge to it and is great for everyday casual wear. As this style involves wearing blazers, linen shirts, or even skirts these are perfect for office wear as well. Wondering where to start from?  Well, a cute ruffle lace top with balloon sleeves can be paired with baggy boyfriend jeans. This style is a perfect tomboy femme look.

Below are the primary pieces that can give you the perfect tomboy femme look

Shirts of different sizes: Be it the midi skirt or the mini skirt, these always add a girly and playful charm which is perfect for balancing structured attires.

Oversized tops: Shirts and blazers are perfect for blending in the masculine element with the feminine bottoms.

Styling tips for this look

  • Wear the right kind of designs

Try creating a deep V-neck look by unbuttoning your shirts. Now wear a rugged jacket on top of it and pair it up with baggy jerseys. This is a perfect tomboy femme look as it plays with the cut, and to go with it, throw in pink lip shade and a perfect retro-winged eyeliner for that feminine touch.

  • Choose accessories wisely

The right accessories can give you the perfect look that you desire. Flaunting delicate silver or metallic neckpieces with matching and dainty bracelets or rings can be a great choice. These petite yet shiny knick-knacks add a lot of cute bling factor to your tomboy look. Remember to not go overboard and stick to minimalist jewelry.

  • Play with various textures

Blend in different kinds of mix-and-match textures such as loafers and tapered pants with a pastel-shaded crop top. This mix-and-match look brings in the trendy style. If you are pairing a cotton lace crop top then go with rugged denim baggy jeans or a co-ord rough textured trousers. The contrast in the texture also brings in the element of tomboy femme style and beautifully blends and showcases the element subtly.

  • Go with the right kind of grooming

Adding a feminine charm to your tomboy look is possible through the perfect grooming technique. Wear shirts that have cute prints on them like hearts or maybe animal prints like pandas all over. And to go with this shirt, pair black trousers with a messy bun and add some dainty jewelry. This entire blend shows an artistic and well-groomed fashionista fit to flaunt the twist of tomboy femme style.

In many sectors of fashion, tomboy femme has a different gender expression of its own. However, with the ever-evolving space in fashion, this style is approachable and accessible to everyone. Fashion is all about creating an individual statement with the element of fun and the tomboy femme trend is the best canvas to express that creativity. So, with a playful vibe start painting your style and flaunt your tomboy femme look today! Business owners and retailers- you should stock up on clothes that are part of the tomboy femme look to grab customers in high numbers and push your sales.