Take a look at these unusual ways to style a flannel shirt

  • USA Clothing - January 9, 2024

Flannel shirts are such clothing pieces that should exist in everyone’s wardrobe. They are classy, warm, comfortable, and can be paired with almost anything. To get quality products, one should always purchase from a well-recognized flannel shirt manufacturer.

Are you into them? Want to know how to wear flannel shirts in unique ways? If yes, here are some cool tips that you will find helpful:

Styling the flannel shirt with rolled-up sleeves

You can get this look very easily. Just unbutton your cuffs and roll up your sleeves right above your elbow. Rolling up the sleeves can offer you a cooler look than simply buttoning it. It also gives you a more put-together look. This style won’t go with formal occasions but it will look great in any casual setting. Here, you can also pair your flannel with any bottom wear, be it jeans, shorts, or chinos. Of course, you need a tee beneath your flannel shirt.

Styling a flannel shirt around the waist

Yes, just like women, men can also style a flannel shirt around the waist and look great. Combined with a leather jacket and boots, you can get a cool look, while giving the message to people that you are not afraid to experiment with fashion. To achieve this look, all you have to do is wrap your shirt around your waist, tying it using the sleeves. Wearing it in this way is good for any casual day event. It’s an easy ‘’I don’t care’’ look to achieve.

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Styling in layers

These days, layering is cool. And, when it comes to flannel shirts, your options are endless. During winter, you can wear a slim-fit tee under your shirt and put a coat on top. When considering what to wear under a flannel shirt, always go for slim-fit clothing pieces such as short-sleeve tees, tank tops, and undershirts.

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Want a fun way to wear your flannel shirt this winter? Button it up and throw a V-neck sweater over the top. As for bottoms, denim jeans remain unbeatable. Fold up the sleeve cuff of your shirt over the sweater and that’s it! You will be all set to go. In this way, you can achieve a smart-casual look.

Ever tried throwing an oversized flannel shirt over your sweatshirt? You should try it! If you are confident enough, you will easily be able to pull off this style!

Styling your flannel shirt with shorts

During summers, this can be a great beach look! Try it once and you will forget the half-sleeve floral shirt and shorts combination! Since it’s the beach, you can go as colorful and vibrant as you want.

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