The Men’s Workwear Style Guide For A Seamless Formal Wardrobe

  • cm_admin - May 19, 2020

The men’s workwear has become a style staple around the world, from the streets of Tokyo to the sidewalks of NYC. The functional, reliable, and classically styled, workwear strikes a balance between form and function, seamlessly carrying over from getting the job done to going out on the town.

Hence, clothing manufacturers in USA have curated a trendy collection of men’s workwear perfect for the modern style enthusiast. Please read on to know about the tips and tricks to nail the functional workwear wardrobe.

Mix It Up

Unless, you really are a dockhand or lumberjack, it’s best to avoid doing the whole look from head to toe. Pair workwear with cleaner, tailored pieces to avoid looking like you’ve to attend a costume party. Experiment with your outfit by styling a lived-in piece of vintage workwear with something sharp and polished to feel modern. A washed denim or blue chambray shirt looks brilliant when paired with a tailored jacket or blazer.

Tough Accessories

A good way to channel work wear’s ruggedly masculine aesthetic is with a bit of clever accessorizing. Fisherman beanies may be almost insufferably hipster, but they’ll keep you warm, while a solid pair of work boots keep your feet dry.

Use Colors

Workwear tends to lean towards neutral shades such as navy, khaki, sand, green and brown. All of these can work worn tonally as part of a more streamlined look, but when it comes to work wear’s thicker, boxier cuts, it pays to lighten up. Pops of color help break up the workwear palette. Knitwear in a bright color with a blue chore jacket and deep indigo jeans, will help to break up the outfit, making you look distinctive and different.

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