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Increase Production by Working with Expert Clothing Manufacturers

  • cm_admin - June 14, 2023

Most independent fashion businesses experience a turning point when they are compelled to scale production. The biggest challenge overcome is how to increase output without sacrificing quality or having fluctuating price points affect your bottom line.

It’s common to want to control the process at all times, mainly if you’re producing the clothing by yourself or with a small crew. But there’s one thing that every independent fashion company should know. In that case, sometimes it makes more sense to invest economically to find an ideal production partner, like the USA clothing manufacturers, who can meet your high standards than purchasing more equipment and personnel. Here’s why.

What Happens When You Scale Your Production by Collaborating with Professional Clothing Manufacturers?

Professional USA clothing manufacturers will collaborate with you to develop goals and expectations and, eventually, satisfy your manufacturing demands without the significant investment, allowing you to:

  • Access to trained labor that can fulfill orders
  • Utilise established networks for locating resources and sending goods.
  • Prioritize your ideas and enhance your product with the help of seasoned pattern makers and industry knowledge.
  • Spend more time developing your brand and creating new products than running your manufacturing.

If you work with manufacturers who share your enthusiasm for your brand, mass production must differ from quality or personality loss. Choose bulk manufacturers that collaborate with hundreds of emerging fashion businesses and startups and constantly prioritize supporting their vision with excellence and sustainability. Learn from other companies who grew their businesses with the help of knowledgeable manufacturing partners, and imagine where your line may go if you have the appropriate strategy in place!

How to Produce Scalable Personalized Apparel?

Nowadays, automation of the measuring and patternmaking processes is achievable thanks to technology. The production line for sewing can be modified to suit a less predictable workflow better, but it also requires to be connected to the point of sale so that the clothing can be made as soon as possible once an order has been placed.

The three processes change as follows:

1. Measurements

Through a survey or a body scanner, a consumer provides an algorithm with information about their body. The algorithm subsequently transforms this data into measurements of the client’s bodily dimensions to make a specific clothing item, for instance, custom flannel shirts.

2. Creating Patterns

When programming this pattern, all customer’s body dimensions are considered, which creates a new design each time an order is placed. The manufacturer receives this directly after that.

3. Stitching

This makes use of the “batch production” method. The only difference between it and the conventional mass-production line is that it has a smaller group of sewers who each contribute to many jobs rather than just one. For instance, instead of groups of identical pieces, one person cuts pieces from cloth according to a set of orders, another bundles the samples as per the item to be made, and two more stitches the fragments from each bundle together to create finished goods.

Custom-sized apparel is substantially less expensive thanks to the automation of patternmaking and measuring. On the other hand, batch suppliers strike the appropriate balance between efficiency and flexibility without increasing the cost of the sewing process.

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