How To Sort Out Your Bikini Drawer

  • cm_admin - May 22, 2022
how to arrange bikini drawer

If you are like us, you may have a tiny little obsession with bikinis, welcome to the family! We know that spending on some premium quality swimsuits that last for years will eventually be smarter than purchasing numerous “fast fashion” bikinis that hardly sustain for one season. It’s why we at all times say, purchase better, wear longer.

Thus you may have a couple of swimwear from popular swimwear wholesale suppliers, and that actually might be all you require. But if you would like a bikini connoisseur for yourself, your swimsuit drawer is perhaps bursting at the seams, so we’re here to assist! Tidying up that bad boy out will make the most of the storage room, extend your bikini’s lifespan, and make looking for a suit a breeze.

Here’s how to put your bikini drawer in order.

Take Record

Start by baring everything out of your drawer. Next, divide into 4 piles, sell/donate, one-pieces, solid bikinis, and printed bikinis. As you systematize, try on any swimwear you haven’t worn in a while. If they don’t fit or you’re simply not feeling it anymore, put it in that sell/donate heap to remove. Your swimsuit collection must comprise of just things that you really adore.

Separate The One-Pieces

We suggest separating the one-piece swimwear from the bikinis using a drawer divider. We adore styling our pieces as bodysuits, therefore it’s best to keep them clearly accessible from the rest of the collection.

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Move On To The Printed Swimsuits

We have found it’s best to group bottoms and tops, you can still mix and match your swim, but with a single system in place, it’s simple to find everything.

Finally, Fold Your Solid Swimsuits

You’ll use a similar method for the solid bikinis. Assemble by shade for an even neater, more organized look.

Also, remember to separate possible bra tops. You will time and again find us waxing poetic about the several ways you can sport your biking tops off the sand or how you can style your one-piece swimwear as bodysuits. Whilst you’re doing your primary sorting, put aside any styles that could be amazing as a comfortable daily bralette, crop top, or sports bra. That’s getting your buck’s worth.

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