Fair-Climate Outerwear: Essential Summer Jacket Styles Every Man Must Own

  • cm_admin - July 13, 2020
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Summer outerwear may sound like an oxymoron but don’t set it aside, jackets are every bit as crucial in the balmy months as they are during the colder part of the year. They fight crazy summer showers, they offer yet another sartorial building block for your seasonal closet of mens wholesale clothing and probably most significantly of all, they keep the breeze at bay on those misty evening beer-garden sittings.

The key to making it work lies in choosing seasonally-fitting fabrics and styles. And we have curated a helpful guide that arms you with the gen you will need to do solely that.

From waterproof wonders to lightweight layers, here are the major summer jacket styles you must own and why.

Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is one of mens wholesale clothing USA’s most enduring clothing. For generations, it has been a go-to item of outerwear without ever falling from poise. Moreover, it is more than only a light outer layer during cool summer’s evenings. During the colder months, its low profile fit lets it to slot underneath a bulkier winter coat, making it s a major layering item.

Coach Jacket

Guys’ fashion has long drawn heavily on activewear for inspiration and in recent past that upwards curve is just getting steeper. As an outcome, legends of field and track like the coach jacket have become major clothing in their own right.


Those items of garment that work well across your entire closet are precious things. The kinds of clothing you can throw over with everything anything and not even have to think of how they look. A fine overshirt is just that.

Light bomber

Bombers are padded jackets made to keep pilots warm at extreme altitudes, aren’t they? Well, conventionally, yes. Nevertheless, as menswear has advanced, this iconic item of military outerwear has adapted to cope with an array of circumstances and look the part whilst doing it.

All the private label business owners make sure you don’t overlook summer outerwear this season. Make sure you have a dedicated section of summer jackets for men to choose from. All you have to do is get in touch with one of the popular mens wholesale clothing distributors or wholesale mens clothing suppliers go through their collection, single out the pieces you like and place bulk order!