Driving Sustainability in Sportswear: An Overview

  • cm_admin - June 12, 2023
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Selecting the most useful recycled fabric for activewear can be difficult. USA apparel manufacturers must carefully choose stretchable and breathable fabrics, and sewists must develop their abilities to stitch these unique materials. Whether getting ready for your next workout or trying to perform at your best during competition season, high-quality, environmentally friendly sportswear will keep you moving in comfort and style.

Additionally, it might be challenging for small- to mid-sized enterprises to produce original designs because the fashion industry constantly changes. There are still choices available even though many apparel manufacturers prioritize bulk purchases, which disadvantages smaller businesses.

Therefore, anyone intending to produce workout apparel employing sporty recycled textiles should prioritize finding the correct USA apparel manufacturers. Choose a business that can assemble everything needed to obtain the best outcomes.

Why Use Recycled Fabrics in Athleisure or Sportswear?

The transformation of recycled plastic into fibers with extraordinary quality that mirror the texture and aesthetics of virgin plastics has advanced technology to stunning new heights; this revolutionizes what is achievable with sustainable materials and has produced a variety of fabrics that are interchangeable with non-recycled alternatives.

Athletes that use recycled gear don’t forgo performance or quality. For instance, polyester is an incredibly tough and adaptable material used in all textiles, apparel, sports, and outdoor fashion. Additionally, recycled polyester has all the same advantages as virgin polyester, including affordability, sustainability, and crease resistance.

Ref: Why Fashion Needs to Be More Sustainable

What Characterizes a Sustainable Sportswear Brand?

What is the definition of sustainability? Creating minimal or no environmental harm and being able to last long. If the products of a sportswear manufacturer don’t adhere to that, stop the sustainability marketing.

Polyester made from recycled plastic bottles is not one of the fibers that are significantly more sustainable than others, such as Tencel, Bamboo, Pure Merino Wool, Hemp, and Modal. Sure, it’s cleaning up the oceans and landfills, but that clean-up is only temporary because the clothes are eventually dumped in the trash and stay there for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.

Another critical factor in creating something sustainable is quality. Manufacturing products that meet the highest standards and endure a long time is considerably more sustainable than producing items that break down quickly. Consider creating classics that people will treasure and care for.

Product maintenance is another crucial aspect. Consider using fibers that may not require as much washing because they do not attract bacteria and hence do not smell if dangerous synthetic fibers are not being rinsed out of the garment into our waterways and oceans every time you wash it.


In recent years, society has turned irresponsible and consumer-driven, purchasing out of desire rather than necessity. The world would be much better if we only bought what we needed. So, instead of pushing volume and discounts, USA apparel manufacturers should focus on the long-term and brand loyalty by selling fewer items at the correct price. It would make customers love your brand while sustaining your growth and the environment.