Dicaprio’s Iconic Fashion Sense: From Titanic To Killers Of The Flower Moon Days

  • USA Clothing - September 23, 2023
Killers Of The Flower Moon

Right from Titanic to Don’t Look Up, everyone would agree that Leonardo Di Caprio has given some of the finest performances to date, but you know what? The best is yet to come up.

leonardo dicaprio fashion sense in titanic movie

For Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, the talented American actor has given his all. As Apple TV released a second trailer recently, you can see a complicated love story at the core of the epic Osage Nation crime drama. Hitting the theaters in October 2023, DiCaprio plays the role of Earnest Burkhart, the nephew of business tycoon William Hale, who gets married to an Osage lady called Mollie Kyle (Lily Gladstone). Every time, the 48-year-old appears on the screen, you can see every emotion played by him perfectly.

leonardo dicaprio fashion sense in killer of the flower moon movie

The charming man is not only known for his acting skills but his stylish dressing sense as well. Ever since he stepped into the entertainment industry to today, the actor has always maintained an iconic, elegant wardrobe.

If you are a true fan of the man and want to know the secret behind his awe-inspiring looks every time, then it lies in these key menswear pieces:

  • A beige-brown shirt:

As the base item, DiCaprio has depended on this simple piece ever since the beginning of his career. In the late 90s, the actor could be seen in a dust-brown or beige-brown shirt which he paired with his formal suit to give off an effortlessly cool and casual look. For any type of event, be it semi-formal or formal, you can rely on one.

  • Loving the basics:

When taking a look at his earlier days in Tinseltown, you will notice his love for the basics. Back then with a baby face, his most popular look was the one when he layered a crewneck sweater over a white shirt and wore straight-cut indigo jeans as bottoms. Completed with minimalist accessories, the outcome was a convenient style that you can rock easily in fall and winter.

  • A suede bomber jacket:

In Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, you can see DiCaprio rocking some great 70s leather jackets, pants, and uber-cool sunglasses. And, one can say that it had some influence on his personal style as well. During the press tour of the film, he was seen in a crewneck tee, black-washed denim, and lace-up sneakers, which he chose to team up with a sleek suede bomber jacket. A bomber jacket is constructed in such a way that it looks great on every body type, so you can fearlessly invest in one.

  • The ‘tux’ elegance:

One thing that every man must have in his wardrobe and be friends with forever, is a tuxedo for sure. If you want to know how to approach it with ease, then let the legendary actor teach you. In one of the Annual Academy Awards, Leo went for a single-breasted style, which was constructed with a soft shoulder line and satin peak lapels. It did a great job of bringing the broadest part of his silhouette. Since Christmas is just 3 months away, it’s the perfect time to buy one.