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The Barbie Movie’s Effect on the Fashion Industry: The #Barbiecore Explosion

  • cm_admin - January 29, 2024

Even if you didn’t go to see the “Barbie” movie, you’ve heard of it since it was difficult to miss this phenomenon, the year’s highest-grossing feature film. Ever since the movie hit the screens, it also meant a never-ending parade of pink dresses rampant in the fashion world, and of course, popularized by the actress, Margot Robbie. Margot not only showed off her great ensembles, including various big brand gowns at screenings of the Greta Gerwig-directed comedy, but she also excelled on the red carpets of other fashion events.

Margot was undoubtedly in the spotlight this year, from the Oscars, where she made waves in an elegant long black gown, to the Met Gala, where she looked stunning in a vintage creation, to the Chanel Cruise 2024 fashion show in Los Angeles, where she made an impression in jeans and exposed lingerie. Not only does the #barbiecore hashtag currently have over a billion views on TikTok, but the #margotrobbie hashtag has about 14.5 billion views as well, with 340 million of those views going toward the #margotrobbiebarbie hashtag.

What is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is a trendy aesthetic style that is inspired by Mattel’s famed fashion doll, Barbie. It brings back memories of the 1990s and early 2000s, when bright pink was quite popular and glitter was added to everything.

Barbie’s sophisticated sense of fashion and ability to adapt to current trends while putting her own twist on them have helped her become a style idol for many. From dazzling ball dresses to riding boots, and rainbow-colored wings to surfboards, Barbie has a style for any occasion.

Barbiecore’s primary visual features include all that is feminine, attractive, occasionally intriguing, and undeniably pink. Fashion clothing manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to add some of the latest Barbie-inspired fashion pieces in their catalog.

If you go to any clothing store this summer, you will be greeted by an explosion of pink. Barbiecore clothes, which emphasize the doll’s distinctive hue, are dominating the fashion scene for the third year in a row, thanks to Mattel Inc’s (MAT.O) all-out marketing campaign to generate buzz for the “Barbie” film.

There are Barbie sneakers, backpacks, bikinis, and sweatshirts for your dog. There are rhinestone-studded water bottles, vivid yellow rollerblades with pink wheels, and plenty more.

Margot, the heroine of the Barbie movie, was photographed on-site wearing a hot pink Western costume. The “campy style” became widespread during a period when Western clothing and glittery Y2K styles were popular.

It also coincided with many employees returning to work following COVID-19 lockdowns. As the trend gained popularity, fashion publications photographed celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian to Harry Styles dressed in vivid Barbiecore costumes.

Searches for this summer favorite have significantly increased due to the Barbie movie

Virtual fitting room business 3DLOOK examined Google Trends and discovered that demand for the famous sandal has increased since the film’s debut. Google searches for ‘women Birkenstocks’ have increased by 518% in the UK, while ‘Birkenstock sale UK’ has increased by 184%.

Comfort and sustainability have emerged as the new style symbols, as seen by the recent Barbie movie premiere!

With searches for Birkenstock sandals skyrocketing, it’s clear that people are embracing fashion that empowers and lasts. We think that genuine beauty is found in feeling comfortable in your own skin, and the film’s impact has given this movement a push.

It’s time to put down the pinchy heels and embrace the future of fashion, where style meets substance and confidence meets comfort!

Barbie’s impact hasn’t diminished

More than a year before its premiere, the “Barbie” film surpassed simple expectations for a summer blockbuster. The desire to see Margot as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken grew more like hot-pink fever.

The film’s fun and feminine aspects have been neatly wrapped into a reputed $150 million marketing campaign, which Mattel claims involved roughly 165 partners. Fans purchased Barbie-themed designer shoes and pink Birkenstocks, ate Barbie ice cream, and exercised on Barbie inline skates. The film’s ’90s look also influenced the Barbiecore fashion movement, which is currently going strong. Barbie and Ken’s costumes were among the most popular looks during this year’s “Barbieween.”

Is Barbiecore just for women?

The word “Barbiecore” may conjure up thoughts of a specific aesthetic and style that is commonly linked with femininity. However, the notion of Barbiecore is not limited to women.

Barbiecore’s style and attitude may be embraced by everyone, regardless of gender.

Barbiecore’s inclusion and diversity aim to welcome and support all individuals, regardless of gender, body type, or heritage. It is a movement that promotes self-expression, self-love, and acceptance of oneself and others, regardless of gender.

Barbiecore’s promotion of diversity and body acceptance has the potential to influence future perspectives pertaining to mental health. The trend toward varied representation in Barbie dolls can encourage inclusion and acceptance of diversity, resulting in increased empathy and less stigma for people who may be struggling with mental health issues.

Barbie’s embracing of feminist concepts has the potential to inspire empowerment and self-esteem, both of which are important for mental health. However, there are also potentially negative consequences, such as the propagation of unattainable beauty standards and the possibility of cultural appropriation.

The Barbiecore movement must continue to stress diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility in order to have a positive influence on mental health in the future.

How to Look Like Barbie

1. Subdued elegance, but add some pink. A traditional (but still festive!) style may be achieved by choosing classic wedge heels, bright magenta slacks, and the cult-status tank top for the more subdued-inclined Barbie lover.

2. The ideal finishing touch of color is provided by a chain necklace, which is decorated with charms and was really worn by actress Alexandra Shipp in the movie.

3. The ballerina flat made a huge comeback in 2023, so it seems sensible to include it in your Barbiecore ensemble. Wear a flamboyant boa-trimmed shirt, a classic matched denim skirt, and a pastel trunk bag to accentuate the leather lace-up shoes.

4. She’s a hip Barbie, not just any old Barbie. Combine a little purse, feather-trimmed kitten heels, and edgy denim (such as barrel-leg jeans) with a pretty baby-pink outfit.

5. Keep cool on your walk to the theater with an organic cotton crop top and midi skirt set. The final outfit is completed with espadrilles made in Spain and a spacious woven tote bag (ideal for concealing movie snacks).

loook like barbie and ken

How to Look Like Ken

1. If you’re searching for the ultimate Ken costume, look no further than his uber-stylish head-to-toe denim attire. Take a look at the unbuttoned denim vest combined with jeans in the same color. Put on some white shoes and you’re set to party! Bonus: You probably already have the majority of the items for this one in your closet. Outside of the personalized boxers, of course. Maybe? Either way, if you want them to complete the denim outfit, get some fabric markers and make your own to peep out of the jeans.

2. Ken’s slogan “Go bold or go home” with this quirky outfit cam go well! The throwback style he and Barbie wear as they depart Barbie Land for the outside world is full of neon colors and bold patterns.

You may replicate it by purchasing a printed vest and shorts, along with a matching visor, bright pink tank top, and neon skating accessories. If you don’t want to skate alone, this one makes an excellent pair of costumes!

3. Prepare to have some fun this Halloween in this cowboy costume purchased by Barbie and Ken from a California convenience shop near Mattel’s offices. Though Ken later says, “When I found out the patriarchy wasn’t about horses, I lost interest anyway,” the fringe finery is well worth replicating.

Luckily, we discovered a costume shirt that looks exactly like the actual one and even comes with a pink bandana. To cap it off, you’ll just need black trousers, a large western belt, a white cowboy hat, and white cowboy boots.

4. Speaking of being Kenough, we will always remember the amazing moment Ryan appeared on screen wearing a rainbow sweatshirt with the words “I Am Kenough” imprinted on it. Even if the entire Barbie movie is amazing, this moment left fans flabbergasted.

You can not only imitate Ken, but you can also do it in comfort! This one also comes in numerous tie-dye tones. For the whole impression, wear it with a bandana with a lightning print.

5. The sole restriction for this outfit is that you swear not to turn Barbie Land into Kendom. Breaking into a song (particularly “I’m Just Ken”) can also help!

Wear the famous look by mixing an eye-catching faux fur coat with black jeans and shoes. For the details, you’ll need a black bandana, fingerless leather gloves, a pair (or two) of square sunglasses, and a large horseshoe necklace.

And remember, you are Kenough!

6. Perhaps the most famous Ken doll costume is his beachwear! After all, aside from being Barbie’s sidekick, he’s well-known for his job of simply “beach.”

With the onset of the festive season, your work will only be “candy” or “party.” When you wear Ken’s striped matching shorts and shirt combo, you’ll be successful no matter what your intentions are.

We discovered clothes that are virtually comparable to Gosling’s cinematic costume. Instead of dragging around his large blue surfboard, you could use a smaller bodyboard or construct your own item out of cardboard and paint.

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