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Women’s Outfits Inspired by the Colors of Japanese Spring Flowers

  • cm_admin - March 5, 2019

The Japanese cherry blossom is one of the most popular floral varieties that has been popularized by art hoes. But there are also various other flower types that are worth travelling for to the country. As we know that is not literally possible for everyone hence we’ve come up with various outfits that are inspired by the colors of Japanese spring flowers, cherry blossom included. When we talk about spring , there should be ample inclusion of colors that are soothing to the eye but bright as well. Colors that range between pastel and pop should be the choice for the season. No wonder clothing manufacturers USA have come up with pieces that are similar to the spring aesthetic. Hence read on to know about them and for cool styling tips.

Cherry Blossom

The color of the cherry blossom flowers generally ranges in different shades of pink . From magenta to flamingo to watermelon to even salmon pink. Hence, opt for a ivory toned maxi dress that can be paired with a blush pink jacket. For the accessories opt for rosewood pink shoes and a peach tote bag. You’re basically balancing the pink circus with the help of the ivory white hence it’s never too much pink!


The narcissus flower is basically shades of light yellow and white. These colors are perfect for a sunny day out with friends. Hence opt for an oversize yellow floral top . For the bottoms wear skinny white shorts. Make sure to wear strappy flats to add some chic vibe to the outfit. You can keep your hair open paint the lips coral.


Wisteria is all about the peach passion which is both soothing and loving. Colors like peach and salmon pink should definitely be in your spring wardrobe list. Hence to bring in some color into your workplace attire, opt for a peach pencil skirt. For the top , opt for a mustard yellow satin blouse. Make sure that the shoes are black since too much colors could make you look like a life-sized candy.


Nemophila is a beautiful blue color. Hence, if you’re a lover of the heavenly color then wear it for a night out with bae. Opt for a maxi skirt in the similar blue tone and a charcoal black top. A white denim jacket will be good enough to complete the outfit. For the shoes yo can opt for black strappy heels. For the make-up make sure to play around some blue eye shadow for a complete Huda Rattan look.

Popular women & kids clothing manufacturers have come up with cool clothing pieces that are worth the bulk investment. Hence , browse through the inventory to select the required apparel for your store and state the bulk needs to the customer care team. You can even avail discounts on the selected products.

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