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Kids’ Outfit Style Inspired By Japanese Instagram Influencers

  • cm_admin - April 1, 2019

Coco is a stylish 8 year old Japanese influencer who has created a revolutionary change in not only the Japanese fashion scene but worldwide as well. She has a unique style that is highly individualistic combined with vintage and seasonal trends. Hence, no wonder retailers not only far east but in west are stocking up on kids clothing that are inspired by her. The modern kid wears her opinions on her sleeves quite literally.

Hence, if you checkout the inventory of wholesale children’s clothing distributors , you can find pieces that are solely inspired by the Japanese kids icon’s style. Thus, if you want to include such fashionable children’s apparel in your store, make sure to have a look through the blog below.

Denim dress

An oversized white denim dress will definitely look cute on your little angel. To make it a little more manageable, a hot pink wraparound belt will not only add a touch of color but create some definition to the outfit as well. For the shoes, opt for tiny boots in vintage brown to complete the look.

Plaid skirt and a cardigan

If you want to opt for something that is peppy yet vintage then a plaid skirt with a white collared tee and mustard yellow cardigan will look really good. Make sure to keep some uniformity in the outfit by opting for different shades of yellow and blue. For the shoes you can stick to a lighter shade of blue as well.

Shorts and a summer friendly tee

For summers you can stick to a basic outfit comprising of shorts and a tee. But if you want to bring in some chill vibe to the outfit , make sure to opt for shorts with patch work and a tee that has bling detailing.

Dark green pants with printed Hawaiian shirt

If you love to wear prints for the summer then make sure to opt for a wild print that can be paired with a solid clothing. To add some bling to the outfit make sure to wear silver strappy shoes. This outfit is perfect for a fun night with the family but can be worn for the kids party as well.

Business owners who want to include trendy clothes in their store can get in touch with one of the popular private label clothing manufacturers in usa. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of kids clothing that the supplier has in store. After selecting the required pieces, state the bulk needs to the customer care team.

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